All rentals require a degree of skill to operate and can result in bodily injury or death. 

Some restrictions apply. Ride at your own risk. No insurance. Prices are subject to change.

Open Weekends 

Saturday 10:00am to between 6:00 to 7:00pm

Sunday 10:00am to between 6 & 7:00pm

​​  ( weather permitting )

Apollo Activities, Mopeds, Ocean Shores, WA
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Medium Berg 

         Single rider Moped



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Rent a moped and head down to the beach to do some sightseeing today. 

Also available for hourly rental are berg bikes, 2- and 4-peddler surreys, banana bikes, and beach cruiser bikes.

 Apollo Mopeds

The Chopper​

   The Turbo

Child size seats available

Large berg 

Double rider moped

    Beach Cruiser Bike

   2 Peddler Surrey

      4 Peddler Surrey

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Mini Berg